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Frequently asked questions

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What is Skillship Summit?

The Skillship Summit is bringing together 500+ thinkers and doers to help shape the best possible future for the Indian innovation ecosystems. From Exchanges and Investors to Adopters and Developers, the SKF Summit 1.0 - India 2022 brings together Professionals, Builders, Creators and Dreamers of the Multiverse and the entire Web 3.0 ecosystem.

The event will be conducted in which mode?

The mode of Skillship Summit will be conducted offline mode in Nagpur. For each event, the mode will be mentioned.

What is Skillship Foundation?

SkillShip foundation is a section-8 Non-Profit Organisation incorporated under the Government of India, CIN Number (U85300MH2019NPL328401) Skillship is open for all networks. It is based on the righteous virtue of equality for all. It aims to develop so by educating people on various sets of skills and penetrating every level of society.